Covid-19 Update: August 05, 2021

Dear customers,

Cafe Villaggio strives to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in our stores. We are continuing to sanitize tables regularly to ensure customer safety. If a table has not been cleaned, please kindly notify a staff member, who will sanitize it as soon as they are free. Store surfaces will continue to be sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day.

We will continue to have plexiglass barriers between employees and customers for safety of employees. While this may make communication more difficult, we value the safety of our employees and ask that you respectfully order from behind the barrier.

While masks are no longer mandatory, we still strongly recommend customers to wear them when coming into the store and socially distance from other customers. We will start accepting reusable coffee mugs if they are clean.

We will follow the guidelines from the BC CDC for food businesses, which can be found in the link below:


Cafe Villaggio

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